Angelic Bakehouse 12 Inch Sprouted Seven-Grain Flatzza, 14 Oz (Pack of 8)

Angelic Bakehouse

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$ 42.67 


Pizza or flatbread blah, blah, blah. Wickedly wholesome. Divinely delicious. One Serving = 1.75 oz = 1/4 Crust: 110 calories; 3 g fiber; 15 g net carbs; 4 g protein. GMO free. Flatbread or crust? Our dinner table has always been the place to reconnect after a busy day. Sometimes, it's as loud and frantic as the stock exchange. One night, we were witness to a spirited tennis match! These make an awesome veggie-n-cheese flatbread Bella said. What about a delicious 3-meat garbage pizza? Lexi added. No, flatbread! Bella shouted. No, pizza crust! Lexi cried. Back and forth they went for at least 5 minutes, giving bold support for their cause while James and I smiled. After a few moments of silence the girls' eyes grew wide and in unison, shouted, Flatzza! We burst out laughing! And the rest is Angelic Bakehouse and Marino family history. - Jenny. So many ways to use a Flatzza crust: pizza it; grill it; top it; bake it; pita it; pan it. Warning: Flatzza versatility may cause emergency store trips to diffuse family disputes and conflict. Pure Promise: We promise to use only non-GMO ingredients, pure honey sourced in the USA, and to never add any artificial sweeteners, fats or preservatives. We promise.

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