Bigelow with Wild Blueberry & Acai Decaffeinated Green Tea, 20 BG (Pack of 6)


sku: 072310042803
$ 26.89 


Naturally decaffeinated. Delicate flavor. Healthy antioxidants. Leave it to Mother Nature - and Bigelow! Mother Nature gave us a wonderful gift when she packed powerful antioxidants into green tea. But not all green tea tastes the same. To make our naturally decaffeinated Green Tea with Wild Blueberry & Acai, Bigelow uses only the finest quality tea that has been grown in higher-elevation gardens and gently processed to remove the caffeine yet retain the tea's natural, smooth flavor. The extraordinary combination of blueberry and acai is then masterfully blended with the delicate green tea before wrapping each tea bag in its own protective pouch to seal in all the wonderful flavor and freshness. Naturally Decaffeinated Bigelow Green Tea with Wild Blueberry & Acai takes green tea enjoyment to a whole new level. It's a great way to help you relax and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. - Eunice & David Bigelow. Take your favorite tea wherever you go. Each tea bag individually wrapped to ensure great taste and freshness. Tea is a gluten-free beverage. Caffeine Meter (Represents average caffeine content; individual products may vary): coffee: 100-120 mg; black tea: 30-60 mg; green tea: 25-50 mg; decaf tea: 1-8 mg; herb tea: 0 mg. Blended and packaged in the USA.

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