Captain Rodney's Private Reserve Tequilla Lime Pepper Glaze, 9 OZ (Pack of 6)

Captain Rodney's Private Reserve

sku: 660861001143
$ 38.53 


A sweet and spicy grilling and dipping sauce from the heart of the Caribbean. Centuries ago, in the Caribbean, pirates developed a way of preserving wild boar for their long sea voyages, seasoning the meat with wines and spices, whole slowly cooking over allspice wood. The result was a delicious meat that ball Boucan. These pirates become known as boucan-neers, or as we know them today, buccaneers. Captain Rodney has bottled these spices, along with tequila and lime juice in a glaze that can be used on any game, fish, or vegetables, or use as a dipping sauce. Our very best, you have the Captain's word on it. - Captain Rodney, pirate, retired. Made in USA.

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