La Tortilla Factory Organic, Non-GMO Tortillas, Yellow Corn, 8 Ea (Pack of 10)

La Tortilla Factory

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Authentically crafted with stoneground organic yellow corn masa, these Non-GMO Project verified, Organic tortillas are made with 100 percent whole grain and are certified gluten free. They are perfect served along side grilled meats or traditional dishes such as hard shell tacos, taquitos or enchiladas.

If stored at room temperature opened or unopened: products should be eaten by the sell-by date for optimal taste and quality. If stored refrigerated, open or unopened: products may remain fresh up to 30 days beyond the sell-by date. If frozen, products can be stored and used up to 90 days past sell-by date. If you’ve frozen your tortillas, we recommend placing them in the refrigerator to thaw prior to enjoying them. Once thawed, they should remain in the fridge and be eaten within 30 days.



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