Cucina & Amore Piquillo Pepper & Passion Fruit Salsa, 14.5 Oz (Pack of 6)

Cucina & Amore

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A zesty blend of roasted green peppers & passion fruit. Kitchen of love. No preservatives, non GMO. Enjoy Cucina & Amore Piquillo Pepper & Passion Fruit Salsa is delicious with eggs, meat, seafood and cheese or enjoy with your favorite chips. Experiment & experience! What is a piquillo pepper? The word piquillo in Spanish means little beak. The name reflects the conical shape of these small peppers which originate from Northern Spain. Red piquillo peppers are simply ripened green piquillos. Green piquillo peppers are less sweet and slightly more bitter than the red. These flavorful peppers are high in vitamins C, E, A and B complex, as well as carotene and fiber. At Cucina & Amore it is our belief that food, and cooking in general, has to be healthy and entertaining. Food is our passion. Our experts travel all around the world to find the finest and most exciting items. Originality, freshness and exceptional taste is the trademark of our products. Experiment & experience! Have a great serving suggestion? We invite you to share your experience: or visit: Product of Peru.

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