De Cecco Shape No. 101 Pappardelle, 8.8 Oz (Pack of 12)

De Cecco

sku: 024094211012
$ 45.41 


Enriched Egg Noodles, Egg pasta. Kneaded exclusively with eggs. No water added. Cooking time 7 min. Thin pastry. Each nest makes a serving. Enriched egg noodles De Cecco guarantee. What makes De Cecco different? These egg noodles are made according to a special De Cecco recipe, the finest durum wheat semolina and selected eggs. This time-consuming, traditional process guarantees superlative quality egg pasta with De Cecco's renowned aroma and nutritional value. The sauce clinches to the uniquely porous surface of De Cecco pasta enhancing the flavor of your favorite pasta recipes. The specially-designed, sturdy De Cecco package guarantees that our egg pasta will arrive in your kitchen delicious and intact. Each new, larger De Cecco egg pasta nest is an individual serving, so you can put the uncooked portions back in the easily re-closable box, where they will conserve their original fragrance and freshness. If you like home-made pasta, you'll love De Cecco's home-style egg pasta! Buon appetito! Product of Italy.

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