Designer Whey Double Chocolate Powder, 2 LB (Pack of 4)

Designer Whey

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100% premium whey. Naturally flavored & sweetened. 100 calories, 18 g protein, 2 g sugar, +calcium, +vitamin D, +B vitamins. New look same great taste! America's number 1 protein since 1993. A scoop is included in this container. Good to know facts: no artificial flavors, no artificial sweeteners, no gluten, no soy protein, no MSG, no casein. Made with natural whey protein. Designed for your active lifestyle. Our passion for health and fitness continually drives us to deliver smart, simple and convenient products - designed with your body in mind - so that you can easily reach your wellness goal, even with today's hectic schedules. As the innovators of whey protein powders since 1993, we strive to create products that evolve with your needs while being delicious, balanced for optimal health and easy to fit into your daily routine. Give us a try and tell us what you think! Why Designer Whey? Great taste: smooth and delicious - making your nutrition plan that much more enjoyable! 100 calories: with each serving at only 100 calories, you are in control of your protein and calorie intake. 18 g protein: 36% of your daily protein per serving - the right amount for your active lifestyle, yet easy on your digestive system. 100% premium whey protein: our whey is pure so your body quickly absorbs it for maximum post-workout recovery and nutrition; Designer Whey is a complete protein with the right balance of amino acids that help your immune system. Essential vitamins & minerals: excellent source of calcium, vitamin D and B-vitamins. Get healthy. Get strong. Get results. With Designer Whey! Designer Whey's unique amino acid profile: essential amino acids: 1276mg isoleucine, 1982mg leucine, 1245mg valine (total BCAA 4503mg), 1740mg lysine, 1494mg threonine, 558mg methionine, 450mg phenylalanine, 360mg tryptophan. Total essentials: 9105mg. Conditionally essential amino acids: amount per serving: 480mg arginine, 303mg histidine. Total conditional essentials: 783mg. Non-essential amino acids: 900mg alanine, 1630mg aspartic acid, 360mg cysteine, 3062mg glutamic acid, 288mg glycine, 630mg proline, 702mg serine, 540mg tyrosine. Total non-essentials: 8112mg.

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