DiNicola Pasta Sauce Spicy Marinara Kosher, 26 OZ (Pack of 12)


sku: 089397344324
$ 49.02 


Made with extra virgin olive oil. When family and friends visited, mama always welcomed them by preparing their favorite sauces. From Sicily, Zia Carmella would bring her home-grown, vine-ripened spicy peppers for mama's spicy marinara. Zia would fire-roast the peppers while mama simmered te tomatoes to perfection. Together, in the spirit of fmaily and love, mama's signature sauce was enjoyed. When mama DiNicole came from Italy, she brought along her most valuable treasures - her family treasures. Mama took pride in all her cooking, but she especially enjoyed preparing sauce for her family and friends. Sun-ripened sweet plum tomatoes simmered in extra-virgin olive oil with the perfect touch of garlic and herbs were the perfect ingredients to mama's passion - her homemade sauces. Today we still enjoy the traditions shared growing up in Italy. Mama would be proud to know her sauce continues to be enjoyed by family and friends.

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