E Cloth Furniture Pack Cleaning Cloths, 4 Oz (Pack of 10)

E Cloth

sku: 899484002408
$ 150.82 


Pack contains: 1 furniture cloth (with extra long fibers) (12.5 inches x 12.5 inches); 1 glass & polishing (19.5 inches x 15.5 inches). Perfect cleaning with just water. Chemical free cleaning for all furniture. Gives a soft but deep clean on all furniture, including wood, leather, glass, chrome and fabric. Good Housekeeping consumer awards winner 2008 household timesaver. Saves time. Saves money. Kind to our family and the environment. For all hard surfaces: wood; leather; glass; fabric; plastic. Using just water, the E-cloth furniture pack gives a really deep clean by breaking up and holding grease and dirt, which ordinary cloths leave behind. Gives a better clean - removes all dirt and grease. Saves time - just add water and wipe. Saves money - no chemicals to buy. Guaranteed for 300 washes. Safe for the environment - chemical free cleaning. Independent tests have shown that E-cloths are highly efficient at removing bacteria from domestic surfaces - Biomedical Research Centre - Sheffield Hallam University - Sheffield, UK. Exceptional at cleaning and essential for modern living - Science Museum - London, UK. Allergy consumer award - British Allergy Foundation. Made in Korea.

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