Eden Sea Vegetable Chips, 2.1 Oz (Pack of 20)


sku: 024182520521
$ 81.78 


Delicious & crispy. Eden Sea Vegetable Chips are made with four sea vegetables, Wakame, Kombu, Hiziki, and Nori for the joy of their health benefits to make this tasty, crispy chip dough is formed, dried, and baked, then flash fried in high oleic rice bran oil. A centrifuge removes most of this oil. A sea salt seasoning finishes this light, crunchy snack. Great with salsa or dip. No preservatives, colorings, or chemicals are added at any stage of their creation. Over 1,100 free recipes, dednfoods.com. Creation and maintenance of purity in food. Imported from Japan.

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