Evolution Salt Coarse Grind Himalayan Crystal Bath Salt, 40 Oz

Evolution Salt

sku: 609722585866
$ 20.39 


100% raw & natural. Well Being Benefits: Ultimate Detoxification. Unbelievable Relaxation. Hydrates the skin. Balances pH. Relieves dry/cracked skin. Naturally anti-fungal. Promotes healing of infections & wounds. Melts away aches & pains. evolutionsalt.com. Evolution Himalayan Crystal Salt contains 84 essential minerals which can be readily absorbed during a relaxing bath. Evolution Himalayan crystal salt makes your bathing experience more pleasurable. It helps to stimulate circulation, hydrate the skin, promote cell regeneration and heal dry, irritated skin. It also detoxes the body on a cellular level. Himalayan salt baths are known for reducing inflammation of the muscles and relieving pain and soreness. Go ahead pamper yourself, it's your time!

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