GrabGreen Fragrance Free Wet Dryer Sheets 64 Loads, 8.64 OZ (Pack of 6)

Grab Green

sku: 899696002005
$ 30.67 


Fabric softener. Reduces static. Lint repellent. Hypo-allergenic. Biodegradable. No animal fat. Wax free. Up to 64 loads. Naturally-Derived Solution Ingredients: Canola Oil Based Quaternary Surfactant: Reduces static electricity + does not cause fabrics to yellow. Benzisothiazolinone: Non-toxc + biodegradable ingredient to prevent spoilage. Organic Diol: Non-toxic easily biodegradable ingredient enables the fabric softener concentrate to be mixed with water without separating. Biodegradable sheet ingredient. Spuniace 100% Rayon: Extracted from wood pulp. GrabGreen wet dryer sheets are re-usable for up to two dryer loads, if you don't over dry your clothes. Made in the USA.

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