Helps Bags Caffeine Free Organic Easy Digestion Herbal Tea, 20 ea (Pack of 6)


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Herbal Dietary Supplement. 100% organic. Ever since 1959, the mission of three generations of the Escudero family has been the health and wellbeing of people. They have used natural herbs and the most advanced technology to create the best possible products to help people lead healthier lives. The combination of business experience and the know-how of the younger generations has led to the creation of a new company, Pharmadus. The company aims to create new and innovative products through research and technology without forgetting the lessons and values learned from previous generations: a love of and devotion to herbs and an enduring commitment to the health of their customers. Helps is an herbal dietary supplement. Helps is 100% natural and doesn't contain any artificial color or preservatives. Helps Organic Easy Digestion is a combination of organic herbs with chamomile flowers, mint leaves and anise leaves. It is ideal to promote a healthy digestive system. It is considered to be a digestive aid and to reduce flatulence, in addition to its calming and relaxing effects. Each staple-free sachet in this box has been processed in an Eco-efficient system, thus ensuring that the beneficial properties of the herbs remain intact. For more information look inside or visit: Freshly sealed individual sachets. Organic Certification by: Ceres Certification of Environmental Standards GMBH. We strongly encourage recycling. Helps Organic Easy Digestion is a delicious dietary supplement made entirely from organic herbs. It is a healthy and great-tasting way to take care of yourself. 100% organic ingredients. Pharmadus Commitment: Our commitment with quality includes control systems development that ensures all our products. We only use organic herbs that meet our standards for high quality. USDA organic. (These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.)

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