Imagine Beef Flavor Stock, 32 OZ (Pack of 12)


sku: 084253240963
$ 61.39 


USDA organic. Beef Flavored Cooking Stock slow cooked and simmered for hours, Imagine Organic Low Sodium Beef Flavored Cooking Stock is rich, well balanced and perfect for your most treasured recipes. Created by professional chefs using the finest organic beef flavor, Imagine Stock is packed with herbs and seasonings. Whether you're making Osso Bucco or beef stroganoff, Imagine Beef Flavored Stock is ready to use anytime to add aroma, color and full-on flavor. Compare Imagine Cooking Stocks with other stocks and you'll taste the difference. Pure and simple. Organic Beef homemade taste. Non-dairy. We only use the finest organic ingredients. Imagine Cooking Stocks can make most any recipe richer and more full-bodied. They're perfect for braising and poaching meat, chicken, fish or vegetables. Reduce the stock for a glaze that's highly concentrated and intensely flavored. And they're great for making your sauces and gravies more savory, and your soups and stews heartier than ever before. With Imagine Cooking Stocks, even gourmet cooking seems simple. Certified organic by Quality Assurance International.

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