Inkos Apricot White Tea, 16 Fo (Pack of 12)


sku: 858252000060
$ 31.57 


Est. 2002. 100% natural white iced tea. 56 calories per bottle. 14 g sugar per bottle. Button doesn't pop? Don't drink a drop! Safety button pops up when original safety seal is broken. Amazing Apricot. You are moments away from tasting a perfect apricot in a bottle. By matching the clean, crisp characteristics of white tea with the sweet and tart flavorings of a ripe apricot, your taste buds will soon be receiving a truly unique experience that's rewarding on a number of palate-pleasing levels. Time and time again you'll find yourself uttering mmm that's good. Low caffeine. 5.8 mgs per bottle. Gluten free. 100% All-natural. Inko's: Part of the solution. We proudly donate to White Tea Cancer Research. Please recycle. 866-747-INKO. Made in USA.

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