Jin + Ja Dragon Fruit Concentrated Drink, 25.3 Fo (Pack of 12)

Jin + Ja

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Deliciously spicy. Fresh ginger. Cayenne. Vegan. Gluten free. Kosher certified. Dance with the dragon. The celebration of the Chinese New Year was the inspiration behind Dragon Fruit Jin + Ja. Renewal, cleansing, longevity and good fortune are embodied in the celebration, and that is the essence of what is in the bottle. May fortune continue to favor you! Jin + Ja is where gourmet meets healthy. Enjoy over ice or warmed up. Spice up your favorite juice, tea or cocktail. Use it as your secret ingredient in stir frys and marinade. Please put your heart and soul into something you care about. The world needs you to, more than you could ever imagine. -Reuben Canada, Creator. www.drinkjinja.com.

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