Jyoti Punjabi Chole, 15 OZ (Pack of 6)


sku: 077502146154
$ 27.64 


Chickpeas with potatoes & onions. Wheat & gluten free. Heat 'n serve. All natural. Perfectly spiced. Vegetarian. Jyoti Punjabi Chhole is a combination of chickpeas, potatoes and onions in a spicy, tangy aromatic sauce. This is excellent with breads, rice or couscous, or as a side dish. Create Indian home style culinary delights like a pro! What's so special? Home style cooking, in small batches with fresh, natural ingredients using nutritional recipes that deliver authentic tastes and aromas. No preservatives, nothing artificial! - Jyoti MS (Nutrition) Red. Dietitian. Jyoti prepares a range of delicious Indian foods for today??┬Žs lifestyles. If it doesn't taste home cooked, its not Jyoti! Product of USA.

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