Kameda Crisps BBQ Sweet & Savory Savory Rice Snack, 3.5 OZ (Pack of 12)

Kameda Crisps

sku: 811507010191
$ 30.18 


The most crunch! Irresistible! Baked no fried. Gluten free. No trans fat. GF: Certified gluten-free. Our Happy Snackers Say: The perfect snack - light and delicious. They're baked and have no trans fat - great snack! I love the flavor and the crunch. All-natural Kameda Crisps are an irresistible alternative to traditional snacks. These light, crispy rice crackers have a sweet & savory flavor, with just a hint of backyard BBQ smoke. Enjoy the surprisingly delicious taste of BBQ with every bite. Kameda Crisps are baked, not fried and contains no trans fats giving you healthier snack option with a unique tasty crunch! Perfect on-the-go, at a party, or on the couch. Kameda Crisps always hit the spot! www.kamedausa.com. Processed and packed in the USA with Japanese rice crackers.

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