Kolln White Oats Instant Oatmeal, 13.23 Oz (Pack of 8)


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All natural whole grain. Cooks in 1 minute. Kolln quality since 1820. Serving Size 1/2 Cup (41 g): 150 calories (8%); 0 g sugars (no Daily Value defined); 2.5 g total fat (4%); 0 g sat fat (0%); 0 mg sodium (0%). Kolln All Natural Whole Grain White Oats is 100% whole grain oatmeal. Soluble fiber from rolled oats such as Kolln White Oats, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, may reduce the risk of heart disease. A serving of Kolln White Oats provides 2 grams of the necessary 3 gram daily requirement of beta-glucan soluble fiber. Oats are traditional breakfast cereals and rich in valuable nutrients. Our White Oats (Kollnflocken - as they are known in Germany) are made only from whole grain oat flakes which include the oat's germ and nutritious outer layers: Bran/episperm (mineral nutrients, fibers, vitamins); germ (proteins, fat, vitamins); endosperm (proteins, starch). Kolln White Oats Instant Oatmeal is: a good source of thiamin, iron, magnesium and zinc; high in phosphorus and; high in dietary fiber. The crushing of our oats results in thin and tender white flakes which make a smooth and creamy oatmeal and are easily digestible after adding milk or other liquids. The best from oats - since 1820. The Kolln History: We have been processing our oats the same way since 1820, when our mill was horse-driven and our great-great-grandfather first began making oat cereals. Today, the horses are gone, replaced by one of Europe's largest, most modern oat-milling facilities, located in the city of Elmshorn, near Hamburg. At Kolln, we use only the finest quality oats from around the world. Our unique 33-step process takes the oats from raw grain to wholesome, natural cereal. We gently remove only the husk of each oat kernel to keep the oat germ and bran intact and thus ensure a most nutritious and delicious oatmeal. In addition to our sun-spoiled oats, we also carefully select all other ingredients, using all the knowledge and expertise we have gained since 1820. To learn more about Kolln Cereals, please visit: www.koelln.com. Made in Germany. Product of Germany.

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