Lewis Labs Brewer's Yeast, 12.35 OZ

Lewis Labs

sku: 042515435199
$ 23.92 


High quality 100% pure yeast flakes. New. No trans fat. Non-GMO. Gluten free. Not blended or fortified - nothing added. Exceptional nutritional content. Dried, inactive yeast. Allergens - None. Contents are sold by weight and may settle during shipment. The nutritional content and vitamin values are subject to natural fluctuation. To Re-Order:- www.lewislabsdirect.com. This premium yeast is a primary strain of saccharomyces cerevisiae. It is a vegan food made from dried, inactive yeast grown in Northern Europe on sugar beet molasses without any additives or preservatives. Sugar beets are known to absorb more nutrients from the soil than almost any other crop. It provides one of the richest natural sources of vitamins and trace elements. Contains approx. 6-8% natural RNA/DNA from nucleotides (1.25 g or more per 25 g). Also Contains: Trace amounts of inositol, choline and PABA.

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