Lewis Labs The Lecithin from Lewis Labs, 16 Oz

Lewis Labs

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With natural coconut and pineapple flavors. Natural soya lecithin granules - 95% phosphatidyl complex. This is the best tasting, finest quality lecithin available. A concentrated source of phosphatidyl choline, phosphatidyl inositol and essential unsaturated fatty acids. Non-GMO. No trans fat. Salt and sugar free. Not for weight control. This product contains natural ingredients so variations may occur. Contents are sold by weight and may settle during shipment. www.lewislabs.net. With all its remarkable benefits, The Lecithin from Lewis Labs is a product you can easily add to your diet and enjoy because it is truly delicious and versatile. You can have fun with this product. It is great to add to hot or cold cereals. Try adding to yogurt or ice cream. Because of its emulsifying abilities, you may add it to gravies and sauces to give them a smoother, more stable consistency, while adding beneficial lecithin to your diet. It even improves the workability of batter or baking mixture, thereby improving the quality of the finished product. Cooking does not cause any loss of nutritional value.

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