Little Time Tea Julia's Tropical Tea, 20.25 FO (Pack of 10)

Little Time Tea

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$ 35.20 


Caffeine-free tea with fruits + veggies. Organic. No caffeine, low sugar, USDA organic. Our Little Story: It all started with Julia. As our baby girl grew, we wanted a truly healthy kids' drink. So we created Little Me Tea, a unique blend of caffeine-free tea infused with fruit and vegetable juices. Yep, veggies. What began as a drink for our child became a drink for every child. Let's celebrate the good health of kids everywhere. Melinda + Michael. Made with teas rich in antioxidants and loaded with health benefits. A natural source of electrolytes. Infused with fruit and vegetable juices. 70% less sugar than most full-sugar juice. Oregon Tilth certified organic. A portion of the proceeds form the sale of Little Mea Teas goes to fight Autism so that kids like Zane, can have a brighter future. Pasteurized. Vegan. Gluten free. OTCO. 30% juice. Made in the USA.

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