Marukan Yuzu Ponzu Dressing, 12 Oz (Pack of 6)


sku: 070641066307
$ 30.59 


Premium soy dressing with yuzu citrus. All natural. Since 1649. Japanese chefs always refer to the importance of using the peel of the yuzu or the juice of sudachi. Marukan Yuzu Ponzu uses real yuzu juice, imported from Japan. Its tangy zest is extracted from the outer rind of the yuzu fruit, delicately enhancing the pure savory taste of vegetables, noodles, salads and fish entrees. Exquisitely divine and truly unforgettable, the tantalizing taste will always leave your mouth watering for more. Marukan was founded more than three centuries ago by Suya Kanzaburo and is recognized as the mark of quality, natural-brewed vinegar. A character from his name is seen on all of our products as the Marukan trademark, a guarantee of our traditional skill and the finest quality. Product of USA.

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