MLO Vanilla Body Building Formula Protein Powder, 47 Oz


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MLO Sports Nutrition. High-quality protein. Branched chain amino acids. Complete nutrition & great taste. Naturally flavored. Formulated to help athletes build size fast! Mus-L-Blast combines glutamine peptides, enriched ion exchange whey protein and other peptides for a superior PDCAAS (Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score) of 1.0. One serving provides 28,560 mg of amino acids of which 5,750 mg are BCAAs. Mus-L-Blast is formulated with all the essential vitamins and minerals to promote proper and efficient muscle growth. Typical amino acids per 4 scoops (148 g) of Mus-L-Blast with 2 cups (16 oz) of reduced fat milk in milligrams: L-Isoleucine (Essential amino acids) - 1890 mg. L-Leucine (Essential amino acid) - 1790 mg. L-Valine (Essential amino acid) - 2070 mg. L-Lysine (Essential amino acid) - 2440 mg. L-Methionine (Essential amino acid) - 430 mg. L-Phenylalanine (Essential amino acid) - 830 mg. L-Threonine (Essential amino acid) - 1350 mg. L-Tryptophan (Essential amino acid) - 480 mg. L-Alanine - 650 mg. L-Arginine - 580 mg. L-Aspartic Acid - 1660 mg. L-Cystine - 770 mg. L-Glutamic Acid - 7510 mg. L-Glycine - 1100 mg. L-Histidine (Essential amino acid) - 860 mg. L-Proline - 1860 mg. L-Serine - 820 mg. L-Tyrosine - 1460 mg. This product contains only naturally occurring amino acids. Notice: This package is sold by weight, not by volume. Some settling of contents may have occurred during shipping. Made in USA.

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