MLO Vegetable Protein Powder, 16 Oz


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MLO Sports Nutrition. High in protein. Vegan. Heart healthy. See back panel for information on the relationship between soy protein and heart disease. Balanced amino acids. Low fat. No added sugar. Each Serving (20 g) Contains: L-Isoleucine (Essential amino acids) (Branched chain amino acids) - 920 mg. L-Leucine (Essential amino acids) (Branched chain amino acids) - 1060 mg. L-Lysine (Essential amino acids) - 570 mg. L-Methionine + Cystine (Essential amino acids) - 400 mg. L-Phenylalanine + Tyrosine (Essential amino acids) - 1330 mg. L-Threonine (Essential amino acids) - 730 mg. L-Tryptophan (Essential amino acids) - 250 mg. L-Valine (Essential amino acids) - 500 mg. L-Alanine - 910 mg. L-Arginine - 1370 mg. L-Aspartic Acid - 2280 mg. L-Glutamic Acid - 4510 mg. L-Glycine - 780 mg. L-Histidine (Essential amino acids) - 610 mg. L-Proline - 880 mg. Vegan: No animal ingredients. MLO Vegetable Protein: MLO Vegetable Protein combines soy with the finest vegetable protein sources, adding a modified amino acid to ensure optimal utilization. The resulting high quality protein source contains no meat or milk products, making it perfect for vegans, vegetarians or anyone in search of a mild tasting soy protein supplement. 25 grams of soy protein a day, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, may reduce the risk of heart disease. A serving of MLO Vegetable Protein Powder supplies 17 grams of soy protein. Quality protein as set by the Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS) of 100% (1.0). This package is sold by weight, not by volume. Settling of contents may occur during shipping. Please visit our web site to learn more about our delicious family of protein rich products at

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