Monini Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 16.9 OZ (Pack of 12)


sku: 080441258246
$ 111.81 


Originale. A squeeze of olives. Versatile & balanced. 100% Italiano. Good Housekeeping taste test winner! The perfect all-in-one oil! Italy's number 1 EVOO (Source: IRI Italy Dec. 2006). Taste Test Winner - The GH kitchens conducted a blind taste test of 12 supermarket brands of extra virgin olive oil (the highest grade, made from the first pressing of the olives). Monini: The perfect all-in-one oil, with a lightness that's also surprisingly rich and complex. A peppery kick at the end gives it some oomph. Try it for making a pesto or cooking shellfish. Recycle. Imported from Italy. Product of Italy.

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