My Skinny with Salmon and Rice Soft Tender Jerky Pet Treats, 5.5 Oz (Pack of 8)

My Skinny

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Treats for dogs. Low fat. Soft, tender jerky. With real salmon. Contains our famous My Skinny Rice. Helps support healthy weight. My Skinny Pet Treat: I love my George. Not only is he completely faithful, but we are the very best of friends. Going for walks, hitting the shops, holidays, you name it, we do it together. So, when my friends come around to visit, not only does he rush to greet them with a friendly smile, but he stays to play. Tonight the girls and guys are coming around and it's my turn to cook. I've got My Skinny Rice on to boil and a selection of delicious ingredients for an aromatic feast. But George needs something special too! Thankfully, I've got in some My Skinny Soft, Tender Jerky - flavors? My Skinny Soft, Tender Jerky with Salmon and Rice, of course - that's George's favorite. We all know the saying, a healthy dog is a happy dog. This is an important reality in any dog owner's life. Wanting the best for our companions is a natural reaction, allowing them to enjoy the same health benefits as we do. My Skinny Soft, Tender Jerky are wholesome and nutritious, our treats are semi-soft, low fat and come in a selection of morish flavors. Tonight George is being treated to My Skinny Soft, Tender Jerky with Salmon and Rice. What would your pooch choose? - Annabel. Contains our famous My Skinny Rice. Only 3.5 calories per treat/jerky. Calorie content (calculated) 4300 kcal/kg ME. Like this jerky? Then you must try my other flavors. For more information please go to my website Follow us for all the gossip and exciting offers. Made in USA.

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