Popchips Single Serve Multi Pack Chips, 4.8 OZ (Pack of 12)

Pop Chips

sku: 082666218128
$ 56.89 


Contains three bags of each of Barbeque and Original Popchips. Think popped! Never fried. Never baked. All the flavor. Where's the fat (Barbeque: 50+% less fat per 28 g serving. Barbeque Popchips: 4 g; regular fried potato chips: 10 g. Original: 50+% less fat per 28 g serving. Original Popchips: 4 g, regular fried potato chips: 10 g)? Think popped! Lately all this low-fat health talk has been taking the fun right out of snacking, not to mention the flavor. So we found a new way to put it back into a naturally delicious chip like you've never tasted before. Never fried. Never baked. We don't fry it (unhealthy). We don't bake it (undelicious). We take the finest potatoes, add a little heat and pressure and pop! It's a chip. The only thing added is a flavorful blend of seasonings for a snack so delicious and crispy, you won't believe that each bag is 100 calories and 3 g of fat for 18+ craving-crushing chips. It's the single serve snackers deserve. Natural ingredients. No preservatives. No artificial flavors or colors. No cholesterol. 0 grams saturated fat. 0 grams trans fat. Gluten free. Hungry for more? Pop over to popchips.com. Certified gluten-free. Vegan. Product of USA.

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