Premiere Moisson Orange Chocolate Cranberries Bread, 1 Ea

Premiere Moisson

sku: 29145008160f
$ 46.07 


100% natural. Locally grown wheat. Family know-how. Truly authentic! A Passion for Excellence: Premiere Moisson is a family company dedicated to bring the freshness, quality and authenticity of the great baking traditions on your table every day. Our breads are lovingly crafted from all-natural ingredients. Slow rising gives them enticing aromas and rich flavours, while stone hearth baking gives them a crisp golden crust and an irresistibly tender crumb. Every delicious bite is a pure pleasure. Our flours. Neither bleached nor chemically treated, our flours are developed using exclusive blends of wheat grown by local farmers and backed by the know-how of our seasoned miller. These exclusive Premiere Moisson blends are produced in accordance with the principles of integrated farming (agriculture raisonnee), an approach which incorporates various innovative practices designed to protect the environment.

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