Q Spectacular Sparkling Orange Soda, 4 ea (Pack of 6)


sku: 851694003309
$ 45.26 


Real oranges. Crisp not sweet. Imagine a sparkling orange that actually tastes like oranges, not orange colored sugar water. Well, you're in luck. We use real oranges - Valencia oranges from Florida, Peras from Brazil, and tangerines from Mexico - and only a dash of organic cane sugar. So Q Orange tastes like a sparkling orange should - clean, crisp and refreshing. And like oranges. Enjoy, Jordan Silbert, Founder. Q Orange (per 12 oz): 80 calories; 20 g organic cane sugar sweetener. Izze Clementine (per 12 oz): 120 calories; 27 g white grape/apple juice sweetener. Coke (per 12 oz): 140 calories; 39 g high fructose corn syrup sweetener. San Pellegrino Aranciata (per 12 oz): 150 calories; 34 g sugar sweetener. Orangina (per 12 oz): 155 calories; 39 g sugar sweetener. Orange you glad there's a sparkling orange that has less sugar than Coke? Learn more at qdrinks.com. Brooklyn, NY.

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