Q Tonic Water, 32 Fo (Pack of 6)


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$ 53.86 


38 calories. Organic agave - real quinine. Superior tonic water with 60% fewer calories. Organic agave not high fructose corn syrup. Real quinine not artificial flavors. And more carbonation. Crafted to mix with the world's best spirits. Imagine if you could start over. And make your favorite drink exactly the way you like it. Well, we've spent years doing just that. We began with handpicked Peruvian quinine, just like when tonic water was invented back in 1825. Then for a gentle roundness, we lightly sweetened Q Tonic with organic agave, not loads of high fructose corn syrup. We topped it off with champagne carbonation, for just the right ting. We've come up with a superior tonic water. One that tastes like tonic water should and is better for you, with 60% fewer calories and all natural ingredients. It's your drink. Choose Q Tonic. Jordan Silbert, Founder. A gin & tonic is 30% gin and 70% tonic. So shouldn't you be using a tonic water that's as good as your favorite gin? It's your drink. Choose Q Tonic.

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