Vikis Granola Granola Honey Original, 12 OZ (Pack of 6)

Vikis Granola

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100% all natural ingredients. Made with organic oats. Simply the best tasting good for you granola. No preservatives. Sodium free. 0 g trans fat. Whole grain. Wheat free. Kosher. Dairy free. High energy. Good source of dietary fiber. Thanks for checking out my granola, which if you're reading this, is now yours as well. The granola you're about to enjoy started out as a homemade snack I made for friends and family. I've always been big into cooking and baking, but it never occurred to me to turn that passion into a business. One day I volunteered to bake some of my treats for a school fundraiser and my signature original honey granola turned out to be such a hit, it sold out in minutes. People I'd never met before wanted to know where they could buy more, or if I could whip up another batch for their friends and family. Next thing I knew, a business was born and soon I was making and marketing my special blend of high fiber, cholesterol free granola in specialty shops all over New York and on the internet. From there - well, somehow my make it up as we go distribution team found its way to you and the bag you now hold in your hands. Viki's granola is made from organic oats, almonds, sunflower seeds, coconut flakes, pecans, honey, canola oil and - that's about it. There are no fillers, salts or preservatives. It's the kind of delicious, all natural snack you can feel good about sharing with the people you love, because it was originally made for the people I love. Try some on your favorite yogurt or ice cream, enjoy it as a bowl of cereal with milk, or (my favorite) share it with your friends straight out of the bag. Crunch responsibly, Viki. Satisfaction guaranteed. Made in USA.

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