Wellabys Cheese Ups Smokehouse Cheese, 3 OZ (Pack of 6)


sku: 790956403047
$ 25.21 


43% real cheese. Gluten free. Living well. Tasting great. Cheese Ups is the only snack made with 43% real cheese making it the cheesiest snack ever. It is the first gourmet, gluten free snack that taste great and is good for you! Cheese Ups has a unique shape that expands through the baking process. It is crunchy - not greasy. With the high concentration of cheese, the overall result is a nutritionally well balanced snack. Enjoy our unique baked cheese recipe! We use only the finest ingredients and create recipes - so tasty you will not believe they are gluten free! Gluten free. Wheat free. MSG free. GMO free. Baked with care! Rich in calcium. 43% real cheese!! 60% less fat than regular potato chips (Potato chops typically contain10.5 g fat per 30 g serving compared to 4.5 g fat Cheese Ups.). 4 g protein. Produced in a nut free factory. Packaged in a protective atmosphere. Product of Greece.

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