World Centric 6 Inch Compostable Plates, 20 PC (Pack of 12)

World Centric

sku: 894410001296
$ 26.43 


For a better world. Made from plant fibers, not trees. Certified compostable. Gluten free. Non-allergenic. Our Plates Take Less Energy to Make: Our ecoprofile analysis shows we make 3 plates using the same total energy it takes to make one from styrofoam! We donate 25% of net profits to grass roots social and environmental organizations. 0 Carbon Footprint: Our offsets support socio-economic development but are not verified. Our Product Life Cycle: Begins and ends in the same place. Made from plant fibers, it breaks down during commercial composting in 3-6 months (Appropriate facilities may not exist in your area. Please check with local officials), making nutrient rich soil - starting the process all over again. Please see for more information on our sustainability initiatives. Conforms to ASTM D-6400 standard for commercial composting. Made in China.

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