Yogi Joint Comfort Tea Bags, 16 Bg (Pack of 6)


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Herbal Supplement. Supports healthy joints. Made with organic turmeric. 100% natural. When you Need a Little Joint Comfort: Our unique blend of botanicals from Asia, Africa and America is purposefully formulated to help support the joints. Naturally decaffeinated organic green tea joins organic turmeric root, used in Ayurveda to promote joint health, and yucca root, traditionally used by Native Americans to help support the joints. We then add cat's claw root, used for centuries by the Ashanica Indians of South America, and devil's claw root - also traditionally used to support the joints - to round out this soothing tea. Enjoy this pleasant blend anytime during the day or when you need a little joint comfort. Yogi Principles: Tasting great is essential, but it isn't enough. If what we make doesn't taste great and leave you feeling great, we won't make it. We think before we blend. How will our recipes work with body and mind? Health is found in nature. We work with what nature already offers rather than trying to concoct it. We don't have laboratories. We have kitchens. Creative combinations can optimize what nature has to offer. Ever added peppermint to ginger? They work together to produce a remarkably fresh and innovative taste, and a remarkably invigorating experience. Whenever possible, we work with wholes, not parts. We blend with whole spices and botanicals for their natural goodness - we don't supplement with vitamins and minerals. Yoga to Spread Your Wings: Expand your mind and your motion. Sit with soles of feet together. Hold on to feet with hands, lean forward keeping back straight and chin at 90-degree angle to chest. Breathe slowly and deeply. Continue for 1 to 3 minutes. Feel your body transform with the strength to soar through the day. Before doing this exercise or participating in any exercise program, consult your physician. Each tea bag contains approximately 2 mg of caffeine, as compared to approximately 90 mg in 8 oz. of coffee. Certified Organic by QAI, inc. Quality Assurance International: Certified Organic. www.yogiproducts.com. Recyclable. Non-irradiated. Oxygen-bleached tea bags. Please recycle this box. (These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.)

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